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Red Oak Country Club
     Thank You for considering the Red Oak Country Club. Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or have just begun to appreciate the game, The Red Oak Country Club offers a membership option that will suits you. Our challenging course and friendly staff ensures our members will enjoy bringing guests out for a drink, as well as perfecting their game.
We encourage you to request a tour of our facility, and welcome any questions you may have. For additional information about pricing and our application process please call us at (712) 623-4281 or email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Club Features:

A Challenging Par 72, 18 Hole Championship Golf Course - Driving Range - Swimming Pool - A Lounge area with televisions for your viewing pleasure - Full Service Restaurant - Golf Lessons - Jr. Golf Program - Club Sponsored Parties throughout the year.

Presently, we have no limit on the number of memberships we allow. We do offer several different membership classifications: Family, Senior Family, Jr. Family, Single, Senior Single, Jr. Single Golfing Memberships, Non-Resident, Transient, Tennis-Pool and Social Memberships are also available.

Memberships at The Red Oak Country Club run on the calendar year, (January - December). Dues are not prorated until after the Club Championship in July or about half way through the golf season, which we consider to be April - October. Along with yearly membership dues, there is a yearly Capital Improvement and Entertainment Fee. As a member, you are responsible for required monthly spending and any assessment that the Board of Directors might deem necessary as part of your yearly dues commitment.

Senior classification (age 65 and older), Jr. Classification (age 35 and under)
Non-Resident classification (Live outside Red Oak School District, Transients classifications (Live 25 Miles from Red Oak,, Long Distance Transient (Outside 50 miles).
Dress Code:

Clubhouse - Dress is casual - Shirt and Shoes are required in clubhouse
Golf Course - We require men to wear a shirt at all times when on the course and proper golf attire. No tank top/muscle shirts, torn tees shirts, shaggy looking shorts are to be worn onto the course. Tee shirts are allowed as long as they are in good taste and have hemmed collar and sleeves on them. Women are allowed to wear tank tops; however tube tops are not permitted.

Club Facilities:
Golf Course:

We feature an eighteen (18) hole, par 72, Championship golf course, that is one of the most challenging and picturesque in Western Iowa. Championship Tees -6231 yards with a course rating of 70.5 & 124 slope rating, Men’s (White) Tees - 5,754 yards with a course rating of 68.1 & 118 slope rating, Senior (Gold) Tees 5,344 yards with a course rating of 66.0 & 108 slope rating, and Ladies (Red) Tees 5,075 yards with a course rating of 69.7 & 118 slope rating.
The course design includes water hazards, sand traps, waste bunkers, doglegs, and blind shots to the greens, uphill, downhill lies and many established trees. This makes for an enjoyable round of golf for all skill levels from the beginner to the low handicapper.
At this time, we do not require a tee time for golf on everyday play. We do host a number of outings and tournaments that can, and do, close the course for play from time to time. Guests are welcome and encouraged to play and are required to pay all fees.


The restaurant is open for your dining pleasure Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening (except when we close for private parties) for the months of February thru December. A Monthly Newsletter is sent to all our members informing them of the months coming events and closings, if any. Members do have a monthly minimum spending requirement.
Our menu includes a variety of steaks, seafood, fish, chicken, pasta, and a large selection of sandwiches and a special on most evenings. We have one of the finest restaurants in the area. Our staff takes pride in providing quality food and service to our membership. Dress for the clubhouse is casual.

You’ll enjoy a picturesque view of the golf course from either our remodeled lounge area or the large deck that overlooks the 9th green. The bar features several televisions for viewing. We offer most of the premium liquors, wines and have a large number of imports and domestic beers, along with a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages. For the wine connoisseur, a good selection of wines awaits you, hoping to intrigue your taste buds. We continuously look and update our wine selection throughout the year.
Pro Shop:

We offer a fully stocked Pro Shop complete with Balls, Clothing, Shoes (stocked or special ordered), Golf Clubs (Brands Names or have a set Custom Fitted by Bob or special orders are available), and golf accessories. The Pro Shop is located in the upper level of the clubhouse in the lounge.

Swimming Pool:

The pool is 3’ deep in the shallow end, and slopes to a depth of 9’ under the one-meter diving board. Also available is a wading pool and a large concrete sunning deck surrounds the pool. The pool area brings hours of enjoyment and relaxation to our members. It is open June, July and August with the pool hours being 11:00 A.M. till 9:00 P.M. daily (weather and water conditions permitting). A lifeguard is on duty from 1:00 - 5:00 most days that it’s open.
Driving Range:

The Driving Range is located to the south side of the #1 Tee Box. Balls may be purchased at the pro shop for the range at a cost per bag, or a yearly range membership is available that allows you to hit an unlimited number of balls for the season.
Cart Storage - Cart Shed:

Private carts are allowed to operate at the club. The cart-shed fee includes storage for your cart for the year, trail fee and provides you with gas, or an electrical outlet for your cart.  Cart Shed Fee - $228.00 per year for gas cart - $252.00 for electric
Cart Rental Program:

We offer three types of rental programs for our rental fleet.
Option 1) Rent cart on a daily basis              
Option 2) (20) Round Cart Rental *   Use of a rental cart for (20) - 18 hole rounds              
            Option 3) Unlimited Cart Rental *     Unlimited use of a rental cart throughout the year
* Guests riding with you MUST pay cart rental
* Cart program is NOT VALID for Open Tournament and Non Club Events
* Families are allowed ONE CART at a time

Trail Fee:

A yearly Trail Fee ($120) is available for those that live on or close to the golf course or if you wish to trailer your cart each day fees are available.

You are welcome to bring guests to the club to golf or enjoy an evening of dining with you. Your guests must pay Green Fees for golf. Local residents are allowed to play twice a year. Guests from outside the school district may play as many times as they wish.

MONTHLY SPENDING REQUIEMENT: All account (except Transient, Long Distance Transient, Second Club and Student) have a monthly required spending in the restaurant, single members $30 per month and family memberships $40. If you don’t reach your spending that month you will be billed each month that you minimum is not reached. Spending is figured in (3) periods of 4 months, Period spending is $ 90.00/$120 per period (January – April ($90/$120)), (May –August ($120/$150)), (September – December ($90/$120). It will be billed at $30/$40 per month February – November, MINIMUM SPENDING. If you don’t reach your spending one month in the period, you have the other months to cover it. If your billed for unspent minimum one month and you cover it the next you will be credit back that money at the end of the period
Minimum spending – Restaurant (Food) purchases ONLY. Gratuities, wine, beer, liquor, pop, candy, chips DO NOT COUNT.
 10 Months Spending Requirements - February through November - Food purchases only Transients and Students Members have no minimum requirements

Charging Privileges:

As a member you have charging privileges at the club (except Student members). Accounts are due on the 25th the following month. Any account that is over 60 days past due will have their charging privileges SUSPENDED. Accounts that are over 90 days delinquent will have all club privileges SUSPEND.
Finance Charges:

A finance charge of 1.5% per month, APR of 18% shall occur on all past due accounts along with a $5.00 per month late fee.

You have the option of signing any and all charge tickets and leaving the gratuity that you wish. Any unsigned charge ticket will have a 15% gratuity added to it.
Capital Improvement:
All memberships, with the exception of students, have a yearly capital improvement fee. The capital improvement fee is used for the purchase of equipment and making capital improvements on the course and to the clubhouse. These fees are included in membership rates.
Entertainment Fee:

All memberships, with the exception of students have a yearly entertainment fee charged to them. The money collected from this fee is used though out the year to pay for party decorations, food, DJ’s, Bands, and other types of entertainment expenses and to help in the promotion of the club. These fees are included in membership rates.


From time to time the board of directors may have a special assessment. All members of the club are eligible for any special assessment as part of your yearly dues commitment.
 Golf Lessons - Custom Fit Clubs:

Bob Boeye offers either private or group lessons and from time to time during the year he offers clinics. Price on all other these options vary, call Bob at 712 370 - 2351
Bob also builds custom fitted clubs and does club repair work. He has worked in the club manufacturing industry for a number of years, and has the equipment necessary to build a set of custom clubs that fit you.
Jr. Golf Program:

Bob has an excellent children’s golf program. His program consists of a golf camp and a play day once a week where children compete against the children of their own age. Children from as young of age as 5 through high school age take part in Bob’s programs.
Children also have the opportunity to travel and playing in Jr. Golf Tournaments with several of the surrounding towns. The tournaments are for boys or girls, age 8 -16.
Special Days:

Wednesday: (Mid-April – Mid October)                   1:00 (Noon) till Dark            Men’s Day
            Men’s only at this time Please - Must be 16 years of age or older
                        Men’s Stag events every Third Wednesday’s of these months

Thursday: (May - September)            5:00 till dark (if enough interest)                        Ladies Day
Evenings - From nine closed for ladies play only (if enough interest)
Friday: (May - August)                          5:00 - Dark                                                  Couples Night
     Couples rotate play each week from front and back nine
Evenings Event Cost – Minimal

Family, Senior Family and Junior Family Membership:

 Has two or more golfers in family* and lives inside the Red Oak Community School District. With this membership you and your family have the use of all club facilities golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, pro shop, driving range and participation in all club sponsored activities, and a 10 month spending requirement (February-November).

Single, Senior Single and Junior Single Membership:

Single golfer or family* with only one golfer and lives inside the Red Oak School District. With this membership you have use of all club facilities and a 10-month spending requirement (February - November). While the rest of the family, if any, has use of the tennis courts, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, pro shop, driving range and participation in all club sponsored activities.

Senior Membership - Requirement (age 65 and older)
Junior Membership - Requirement (age 35 and under)
Non-Resident Membership: Lives outside the Red Oak Community School District but within 25 miles of Red Oak

With this membership you and your family have use of all club facilities. Golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, pro shop, driving range, participation in all club-sponsored activities and has a 10 month spending requirement (February-November).
Transient Memberships:
Lives 25-50 miles from Red Oak

With this Membership you and your family have the use of all club facilities. Golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, pro shop, driving range, participation in all club sponsored activities and has no spending requirements
Long Distance Transient Memberships: Lives 50 or more miles from Red Oak

With this Membership you and your family have the use of all club facilities. Golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, pro shop, driving range, participation in all club sponsored activities and has no spending requirements
Pool /Social Membership:

With this Membership you and your family*, if any, have the use of the swimming pool, driving range, dining room, lounge, participation in all club sponsored clubhouse activities and has a 10 month spending requirement (February - November).

Social Membership:

Your Social Membership entitles you and members of your family* the use of the dining room, lounge, driving range and participation in all club sponsored clubhouse activities and has a 10 monthly spending requirements. (February - November).
Bridge Club Membership:

A Bridge Club Membership as a monthly spending requirement of a minimum of 3 lunches a month for the months that Bridge is played at the club. You are welcome to dine with us anytime, but nightly spending amounts are not part of your monthly requirement.
Student Membership:

Jr. High, High School or Full Time College Student (age 23 and under)

*Family: Spouse, Children or Significant Other living at same address
(Children - Age 23 and younger who are full time college student)


     New members (except Students, Second Club and Long Distance Transient) receive a 50% discount off the base membership, capital and entertainment fees. This does not include food minimums, cart shed, cart programs, etc.
     In an effort to help retain our new members, we offer new members the following discount program;
50% discount the 1st & 2nd years
25% discount the 3rd year      
Full Dues - No discount the 4th year
Are you eligible for the New Members Incentive Program?

Anyone that hasn’t been member of the club for the past 3 years. 
The 50% discount is not valid with any other membership discounted programs, unless stated in promotion


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